• 2007-11-02
  • 11/02/07 Inter-Media Arts Center Huntington, NY Other acts: Taylor Barton opens According to Moonalice legend, the great patriot George Washington was a member of the tribe. Everyone knows he was a Mason and our first president, but his role in the Moonalice legend has been obscured by the passage of time. It turns out that after chopping down the cherry tree and not lying about it, George was sent off to spend some time with the Moonalice tribe in Northern Virginia. They taught him how to be a farmer – a hippie, if you will – and George went on to a distinguished career as a plantation owner. Contrary to popular wisdom, the Washington plantation was devoted the cultivation of America’s most important indigenous crop, hemp. Given the critical nature of hemp in the economy of the period, it was natural that a hippie such as Washington would be put in charge of first the army and then the country as a whole. While people were less uptight in those days than they are today, they nonetheless used a code to let the general know when they were in need of additional hemp products. The code, which is still in use today, was brilliant in its simplicity. If you needed supplies, you put up a sign that said, “George Washington slept here.” Judging by the signs around Huntington, demand for hemp products appears to be very strong. The set list: 1. Distance Crazy in Heaven 2. Fair to Even Odds 3. Constellation Rag 4. Can’t Hold Out 5. Listen to Those Eyes 6. Like A Rolling Stone 7. Messin’ with the Kid 8. Kick It Open 9. Slow Dance 10. Nick of Time 11. Dusty Streets of Cairo 12. Dance Inside the Lightning 13. Dink’s Blues 14. Somebody to Love 15. Happy Endings 16. Stella Blue 17. Bleeding of Love 18. Sugaree 19. Goin’ Down the Road* 20. *with Rob Barracco (Dark Star Orchestra) on vocals and keyboards and Erin Hill on harmony vocals.
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