• 2007-11-03
  • 1. Distance 2. Crazy in Heaven 3. Fair to Even Odds 4. Eyesight to the Blind 5. I’m Glad You Think So 6. I Ain’t Ever Satisfied 7. Blink of an Eye 8. Nick of Time 9. Listen to Those Eyes 10. Road to Here >> Jumpin’ Jack Flash 11. Kick It Open 12. Happy Endings 13. Barbary Ellen 14. Dance Inside the Lightning 15. Somebody to Love* 16. Constellation Rag* 17. Messin’ with the Kid* 18. Tell Me It’s Okay* 19. Stella Blue* 20. Bleeding of Love* 21. Sugaree* 22. Like A Rolling Stone* * with Barry Mitterhoff (Hot Tuna) on mandolin
  • MA2007-11-03
  • 11/03/07 Mexicali Blues Teaneck, NJ According to Moonalice legend, the river’s edge in northern New Jersey was home to a major tribal trading center. The village of Hempneck was legendary for its harvest pow-wow, Big Bud, a forty-day smoke fest that drew thousands. Our research revealed that fossilized roaches were found during the pre-construction excavation at what is now Mexicali Blues, indicating that this may have been the site of ancient Big Bud pow-wows. Further research revealed that prissy Brits stamped out the Big Bud in the early 18th century. Whether this was to control the natives or to take the product for themselves remains unclear. What is clear is that the British changed the name of the town to Teaneck, and American patriots rebelled. Led by noted hemp farmer George Washington, the colonists staged a revolution to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In retrospect, the whole revolution thing makes way more sense in the context of this vital fact. Think about it. Why would anyone start a war over tea? It had to be over something way cooler than tea. Duh.
  • Moonalice Live at Mexicali Blues on 2007-11-03
  • Soundboard/Neumann TLM49s->EDIR OL R 4