• 2007-11-04
  • The set list: 1. Distance 2. Crazy in Heaven 3. Fair to Even Odds 4. Black is the Color 5. Glad You Think So 6. Heart Frozen Up 7. Slow Dance 8. Nick of Time 9. Messin’ with the Kid vKick It Open 10. Road to Here > Jumpin’ Jack Flash 11. Listen to Those Eyes 12. Somebody to Love 13. Happy Endings 14. Greenport 15. Who Can Say? 16. Cynical Girl 17. Tell Me It’s Okay 18. Stella Blue 19. Bleeding of Love 20. Barbary Ellen
  • MA2007-11-04.MA2007-11-04
  • 11/04/07 Rams Head Annapolis, MD Eilen Jewell opens According to Moonalice legend, the tribe’s East Coast farmers – known as preppie hippies – specialized in products for the shipping industry. Beginning in the 18th century, preppie hippies along Chesapeake Bay produced high quality rope and other hemp derivatives for the navy. Initially this meant the British Navy, but in 1775 the tribe aligned itself with the rebellion. As the first supplier of hemp products to the United States Navy, the Moonalice tribe played an unreported, but legendary role in the fight for independence. When the band arrived in Annapolis, Maryland, home of the United States Naval Academy, we immediately searched for evidence of the tribe. We didn’t have to look very far. Across the street from our hotel was a deli. Hardwood and Chubby Wombat were there in search of refreshing beverages when they made the discovery. It was in the refrigerator section: Hempmilk! The label called it a “creamy non-dairy beverage made from whole hemp nuts.” Milk from nuts? It makes us wonder what they call the beverage that comes from hemp udders. Housed in a purple and white one-quart package for long shelf life, the Hempmilk just begged us to buy, so we did. We took it to the gig and asked the audience for volunteers. They said it tastes like soy milk, not chicken. The band was too afraid to drink the stuff, so this will have to be the last word on the subject. For now. That said, we would point out that Hempmilk provides indisputable evidence of the evolution of the Moonalice tribe. If the Navy doesn’t need rope, let the sailors drink Hempmilk!!!! According to the Moonalice calendar (and tribal custom), attendance at gigs entitles tribal audience members to fall back on Moonalice Standard Time (MAST). The nice thing about MAST is that everyone can fall back as far as they like, as often as they like. If you are in doubt, the band recommends falling back to your 21st birthday, but that is only a guideline. If your boss gives you any flack for showing up late after a gig, just tell him or her that Chubby Wombat Moonalice said it’s okay. Really.
  • Moonalice Live at Ram's Head Inn on 2007-11-04
  • Soundboard/Neumann TLM49s->EDIR OL R 4