• 2009-08-07
  • 8/07/09 Dead on the Creek Laytonville, CA According to Moonalice legend, the town of Laytonville was once home to an annual tribal festival called Live on the Creek. The festival occurred in August throughout the 19th century and brought together growers and bass players from throughout Mendocino County. The whole point of the festival was role reversal. The bass players spent the weekend testing agricultural products by inhaling deeply, while the growers played bass. As you can imagine, this was hard on the lungs of the musicians and the ears of everyone in the county. This may explain why Live on the Creek didn’t last into the 20th century. According to Moonalice legend, today is an especially High Holy Day in the tribe. It’s “Separate the Boys from the Girls Day” on farms throughout the tribe. The girl plants are getting the attention they deserve, while the boy plants get turned into rope, fabric and rolling papers. Today is a day to celebrate the divine feminine. It's a temporary reprieve, of course. Eventually, someone will pull those little girls from the ground, cut ‘em up, dry ‘em out and then burn them at the stake. According to Moonalice legend, the month of August used to be called Sextilis. Some claim this referred to the fact that in those days it was the sixth month of the year. The legend suggests another explanation. Sextilis was nice and warm, enabling maximum social interaction within the tribe. It is no coincidence that so many members of the tribe were born in May. The only reason that the whole tribe wasn’t born in May back then is that Sextilis had only 29 days. Then the Emperor Augustus made a deal with the Moonalice tribe. The tribe changed the name of the month to August in exchange for two extra growing days in the month, which Augustus borrowed from February. 1. Nick of Time >> 2. Mr. Spaceman 3. Wish We Had 4. Down the Road A Piece 5. Fair to Even Odds 6. Road to Here >> 7. On the Road Again 8. Foxtrot Uniform 9. Fattening Frogs for Snake 10. Red Crow 11. Whiter Shade of Pale 12. Unspoken Words 13. Crescent City 14. Marilyn 15. Tell Me It’s Okay 16. Stella Blue 17. Sugaree
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