• 2009-10-19
  • 10/19/09 8 x 10 Club Baltimore, MD Tonight’s poster depicts Oriole Moonalice. Oriole was here when the Calverts arrived. She was their dealer. In the days of sail, being a hemp dealer was a big deal, and it made Oriole a respected member of the community. Lord Baltimore was a huge believer in the separation of Church and State and founded his colony on that principal. Oriole Moonalice helped him pull it off by supplying hemp. The state used its share of the hemp to provision ships of sail. The legend isn’t specific, but we believe the Church may have used it’s share to get high. That’s certainly what we would have done with it. According to Moonalice legend, today is the 50th anniversary of the first discotheque. Exactly 28 years later the stock market crashed. Coincidence? We think not!!! It's also the birthday of White Cloud Moonalice! Happy Birthday, John! According to Moonalice legend, Baltimore is the anglicized form of the Irish words for Town of the Big House. We looked around town. We saw the football stadium and the ballpark, but we didn’t see any Big House. So we consulted our Moonalice to English dictionary. It turns out in Moonalice, Baltimore means “Town of the Big Crabs”. According to Moonalice legend, the French Republican calendar calls this day Tomato Day. Fortunately, the rest of the world disagrees. In Brazil, this is independence day. In Albania, it’s Mother Theresa Day. In the tribe, it’s 8x10 day! 1. Down the Road A Piece 2. Break Out in Handcuffs 3. Fair to Even Odds 4. Foxtrot Uniform 5. Mr. Spaceman 6. King Harvest 7. Marilyn 8. Stella Blue 9. Foxtrot Uniform 10. Arrowhead 11. Whiter Shade of Pale 12. Blink of an Eye 13. Red Crow 14. Nick of Time 15. Mr. Spaceman 16. Wish We Had 17. Kick It Open 18. On the Road Again 19. Tell Me It’s Okay 20. Show Biz Kids 21. It’s 4:20 Somewhere 22. Sugaree 23. Erie Canal
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  • Moonalice Live at 8X10 on 2009-10-19
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