• 2011-01-01
  • MICHAEL GARFIELD Live in Sinai, Costa Rica 2011 01 01 Recorded mono direct from the BOSS RC-50 I used for live sampling in the jungle. TRACKLIST 01 - Sinai Fairies [improv] 02 - RE: Friends WIth Yourself 03 - Time Machine Dream 04 - RE: They're Watching Out For Us 05 - When The Orbit Curtain Falls 06 - RE: Farcical Aquatic Ceremony 07 - Lady Of The Lake 08 - RE: It's 8:33 09 - RE: Alan Moore & The Singularity 10 - In Zero With Grace 11 - RE: I Trust You Enough To Play This Song 12 - You Don't Have To Move 13 - 8:33 14 - RE: But It's Dark Out There! 15 - Kismet 16 - RE: Still With Me 17 - River, Sea, Sky 18 - Honey & Venom 19 - Tunnel Visions (Featuring Matthew Kocel) [improv] Recorded live in Sinai, Costa Rica on 1 January 2011...a blend of improvised acoustic-electronic loopscapes, solo guitar etudes, impassioned songwriting, and far-ranging banter the likes of which you won't find anywhere else. (But if you do, let me know! I love meeting kindred spirits.) Highlights from my first concert of 2011, performed at the Geoparadise Gathering in the company of an international audience that included several local villagers. The brief lapse in sound during "You Don't Have To Move" occurred when the festival organizers had to relocate our one functioning transformer for US voltage requirements. (That was the kind of festival this was.) Shortly after the show, a small group of us returned to the main festival area and noticed a strange, blinking white light in the trees...a light that seemed to respond intelligently to our questioning. Upon asking the locals we learned that no such insect exists in Costa Rica. I left the country convinced that we had witnessed a faerie...and if there were ever a place on Earth that humankind had trod lightly enough for them to remain in our company, Sinai is it. Throat-singing on "Tunnel Visions" by Matthew Kocel, who graciously taught me a few tricks. Cover photograph taken by Bowie Van Ling in Dominical, Costa Rica. Released 02 February 2011 This crazy batch of twos is dedicated to Paula. FOR MORE, PLEASE VISIT
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  • Michael Garfield Live at Geoparadise Gathering on 2011-01-01