• 2008-03-12
  • disc one/set one d1t01 You're Gonna Lose That Girl d1t02 Norwegian Wood d1t03 Dr. Robert d1t04 banter etc. d1t05 If I Fell d1t06 banter etc. d1t07 I Don't Want To Spoil The Party d1t08 Act Naturally d1t09 Day Tripper d1t10 Things We Said Today d1t11 banter etc. d1t12 Across The Universe d1t13 banter etc. d1t14 Baby's In Black d1t15 banter etc. d1t16 Hard Day's Night d1t17 banter etc. d1t18 She Loves You disc two/set one continued d2t01 banter etc. d2t02 Hey Jude d2t03 banter etc. d2t04 This Boy d2t05 banter etc. d2t06 No Reply d2t07 banter etc. d2t08 Here Comes The Sun d2t09 end of set blah blah set two d2t10 banter etc. d2t11 From Me To You d2t12 Rocky Racoon d2t13 banter etc. d2t14 I Should Have Known Better > d2t15 Heart Of Gold d2t16 banter etc. d2t17 Ticket To Ride > d2t18 Rain tease d2t19 banter etc. d2t20 Hold Me Tight d2t21 You Can't Do That d2t22 banter etc. d2t23 I Saw Her Standing There > d2t24 In My Life disc three/set two continued d3t01 banter etc. d3t02 Another Girl > d3t03 Nowhere Man d3t04 banter etc. d3t05 Tell Me Why > d3t06 Yellow Submarine d3t07 call for Peter etc. d3t08 Midnight Moonlight * d3t09 Stir It Up > * d3t10 In The Still Of The Night * d3t11 banter etc. d3t12 Hound Dog > * d3t13 Shake Rattle And Roll > * d3t14 Hound Dog > * d3t15 Back In The USSR > * d3t16 Jam // *
  • RubberSouldiers2008-03-12.sbd.selleseth.flac16
  • Beatles
  • David Gans
  • Jam Band
  • Paul Knight
  • Rowan Brothers
  • Sony R-500 > Audiophile USB > Samplitude 6.0 (16/44.1) > Audacity > CDWav > flac 6
  • Chris Rowan - guitar & vocals Lorin Rowan - guitar, mandolin & vocals David Gans - guitar & vocals Paul Knight - doghouse bass * with Peter Rowan on guitar and vocals note: the board feed was bass on the right and rest of the band on left (should have been a two channel mono signal) so I used the mono mixdown feature in Samplitude to get a single mono channel then used Audacity to duplicate that track and convert to two channel mono wav. Also, the band went quite a bit over the estimated end of set two and of course like a dummy that would be the time I didn't change tapes so part of the end of set two is cut. My bad.
  • Rubber Souldiers Live at Iron Springs Pub & Brewery on 2008-03-12
  • sbd > Tascam DA-P1 (DAT 16/48)