• 2008-05-07
  • d1t01 noodling etc. d1t02 Rain Jam > d1t03 Rain > d1t04 Two Of Us > d1t05 Day Tripper > d1t06 Satisfaction > d1t07 Satisfied Tripper Jam > d1t08 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (dedicated to Willie for his 75th b-day) d1t09 banter etc. d1t10 Girl d1t11 banter etc. d1t12 From Me To You d1t13 Help! d1t14 Come Together d1t15 Phil & Eric intro etc. d1t16 This Boy d1t17 banter etc. d1t18 You Won't See Me d2t01 banter etc. d2t02 Nowhere Man d2t03 banter etc. d2t04 Wait d2t05 You're Gonna Lose That Girl d2t06 Paperback Writer > d2t07 Let It Rock d2t08 banter etc. d2t09 I'll Follow The Sun d2t10 Eleanor Rigby d2t11 Rocky Racoon d2t12 Mike Love intro etc. d2t13 Norwegian Wood * d2t14 banter etc. d2t15 I've Just Seen A Face > * d2t16 Squeeze Box Jam * d2t17 banter etc. d2t18 I Don't Want To Spoil The Party d2t19 Run For Your Life d3t01 A Day In The Life d3t02 banter etc. d3t03 Terrapin > d3t04 Dear Prudence d3t05 Things We Said Today > d3t06 Things Jam > d3t07 She's Not There > d3t08 Things We Said Today Reprise d3t09 banter etc. d3t10 Birthday > d3t11 Happy Birthday d3t12 banter etc. d3t13 The Word d3t14 banter etc. d3t15 In My Life d3t16 banter etc. d3t17 Across The Universe d3t18 banter etc. d3t19 Man We Was Lonely d3t20 Mr. Moonlight d3t21 El Paso d3t22 Here Comes The Sun d3t23 banter etc. d3t24 Tomorrow Never Knows > d3t25 She Said She Said d3t26 banter etc. d3t27 Yellow Submarine d3t28 end of set blah blah
  • RubberSouldiers2008-05-07.mtx.selleseth.flac16
  • Beatles
  • David Gans
  • Jam Band
  • Lorin Rowan
  • Robin Sylvester
  • Sony R-500 > Audiophile USB > Samplitude 6.0 (16/44.1) > CDWav > flac 6
  • Chris Rowan - guitar & vocals (out sick) Lorin Rowan - guitar, mandolin & vocals David Gans - guitar & vocals Robin Sylvester - electric bass * Mike Love (not the Beach Boy) on squeeze box friends Phil & Eric help out on backing vocals on some tunes note: Chris did show up without voice (could barely speak) and was sent home by his band mates also: The first tune was Dr. Robert and due to cell phone interference in the PA was just too infected with noise to include here. one freakin' long ass set
  • Rubber Souldiers Live at Iron Springs Pub & Brewery on 2008-05-07
  • Microtech Gefell M300s x/y aprox 3' hi/2' in front of players center stage plus sbd > Behringer UB1202 mixer > Tascam DA-P1 (DAT 16/48)