• 2005-04-30
  • Tea Leaf Green April 30, 2005 Frenchmen Block Party Blue Nile - New Orleans, LA Source SBD > MOTU828 > Powerbook > FLAC Recorded by Steven Fabing Set 1: Disc One 1 Rapture > 2 Can You Guess It? 3 I Believe 4 Vote on Tuesday 5 Hot Dog > 6 Kali-Yuga 7 5000 Acres > 8 I'm Waiting for the Man 1 9 Asphalt Funk Disc Two 1 Taught to be Proud > 2 Planet of Green Love 2 3 Professor's Blues 3 4 Earth and Sky > 5 The Garden (Part III) Set 2: 6 Morning Sun 7 Georgie P 2 8 Incandescent Devil 2 9 Sex in the 70's 4 Disc Three 1 Gasaholic Set 3: 2 Who Am I (What's My Name)? 5 (Beginning cut) 3 Death Cake 2 4 Freedom 4,6 Encore: 5 The Invasion 6 I've Got a Feeling 7 Shanti Groove 7 ? 8 ? 9 ?
  • TLG2005-04-30
  • Frenchman's Block Party
  • Tea Leaf Green
  • Powerbook > xACT > FLAC
  • Notes TLG was the third of 4 bands to play that night. They were scheduled to do 1 90min set starting @ 12:30am. Towards the end of the set they were told that the next band had not shown up and asked if they would play some more. They decided to do another set. Before Gasaholic in the second set they were told that they had 10 more minutes. Suprise, still no band to follow TLG. So...let's do another set. Unfortunatlly I was not ready for this so, "Who Am I?" is missing the first minute or so. So after this set it basicly became a free for all and most of Shanti Groove and others joined and rocked utill about 8am. Hay it is Jazz Fest after all. Fades only used at the beginning and end of a set, not at disc breaks. 1 Velvet Underground cover 2 w/ Sean Leahy from Four Year Bender, London Street and Smokedaddies on guitar 3 w/ drum solo 4 w/ Sean Leahy and Jordan Fienstien from The Ritual and Smokedaddies on keys and vocals 5 Snoop Dogg cover 6 w/ Grateful Dead's "Turn On Your Love Light" 7 Beatles cover w/Members of Shanti Groove
  • Tea Leaf Green Live at The Blue Nile on 2005-04-30
  • SBD > Powerbook > FLAC