• 2000-07-01
  • 1: Intro 2: Wash 3: The Ride, Part II 4: Service & Repair 5: Tulsa Telephone Book 6: Fade 7: Minas de Cobre 8: Ballad of Cable Hogue 9: Canción del Mariachi 10: El Picador 11: Frontera/Trigger 12: Hey Baby, Qué Paso 13: Stray 14: Cascabel 15: Crystal Frontier
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  • Live concert
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  • FLAC and 1st seeding on 10-02-04 by Jim Blackwood (note - this replaces any previous versions at Tracks 7-15 w/ Mariachi Luz De Luna This source is a completely different mix than the circulating FM copy (FM is incomplete - missing 2 songs). Probably the safety mix given to the band after the show. ------------------------------------------------------------ I requested some comments about this special show. Here is what Joey Burns had to say about it: "Calexico and members of Mariachi Luz de Luna travelled roughly 1,000 kilometers the night before our performance at Roskilde in Denmark on July 1, 2000. I am sure we had been up nearly the whole night partying and watching movies on the bus and were fast asleep upon arrival to the festival. When we all woke the next morning there was an unusual somber tone in the air as we began hearing the news and details of the tragedy that occured the night before during Pearl Jam's set on the main stage. We couldn't believe it and were all in shock. How could so many people die at one of Europe's most renown festivals? Some bands decided to cancel and there was confusion at first whether or not the festival would continue. For a while we were all on hold not knowing what would happen. It was a very difficult decision, but the promoters of the festival decided to go on as scheduled. Chan Marshall of Cat Power played before us early that afternoon all by herself on the same stage as us and delivered a very heartfelt and moving set. She tapped into the spirit that everyone in the whole festival grounds was feeling with her soulful voice and minimal accompaniment. After experiencing her set, John Convertino and I decided to begin our set as a two piece (drums and guitar) and play an instrumental meditation in honor of those who had passed away. From there we slowly built up the dynamics of the set and it was clear that even though the crowd was in a state of mourning, they also wanted to celebrate, and so when the surprise guests of Mariachi Luz de Luna walked onstage, the whole crowd lit up. It was an amazing set, one we will never forget." ----------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Calexico for letting this out of the archives and for allowing this to be seeded into the community! Please visit our website for tour dates and official releases at Adios until next time, Jim
  • Calexico Live at White Stage, Roskilde Festival on 2000-07-01
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