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  • FLAC and 1st seeding for on 07-05-05 by Jim Blackwood I requested some comments about this show. Here is what Joey Burns had to say about it: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I remember the early day in May 2005 as being very warm and sunny as we pulled up to the beautiful location of the Backyard Music Venue outside of Austin TX. The place was surrounded by trees and plenty of natural space, surprising for a rock venue. The Backyard was definitely unique and had the makings for a really good environment for both audience and band members. We immediately recognized some of the local crew and met the crew for both Los Lonely Boys and Ozomatli who were very helpful and down to earth, it was day two of the week long mini tour, and we were just finding our feet with the crowd and flow of variety between all three bands. We wound up having plenty of time to hang out at the venue and become very relaxed thanks to the delicious catering and familial like feel from the kitchen staff, so by the time we got onstage, we were in a really positive mood and the Austin crowd was very supportive from the get go. I suppose that since we only had 30 minutes we filled the set with the more upbeat numbers, so I think this set in Austin was one of my favorites from the tour. We stayed the whole night to see the other bands play since our drive in the van and trailer was a short one to San Angelo TX the next day. We were really impressed with the diversity of all the bands on the bill, from the complexity and interlocking polyrhythmic grooves of Ozomatli to the minimalistic effectiveness of the power trio of Los Lonely Boys. Nothing like looking out into a crowd and feeling like you're surrounded by a forest of trees. A fine night of music and partying to be remembered for a long time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: This version was pulled from the Calexico archives and mastered to replace an audience recording that was unintentionally posted on for a week or so. Thanks to the taper for the enthusiasm, however we feel that this recording made by our soundman Jelle Kuiper using the Ozomatli/LLB Matrix rig meets the high standards we strive for in our concert releases. Enjoy! Thanks to Calexico for letting this out of the archives and for allowing this to be seeded into the community! Please visit our website for tour dates and official releases at Adios until next time, Jim
  • Calexico Live at The Backyard on 2005-05-04
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