• 2006-08-23
  • Disc One: Set One (back porch) [74:32] 01 Lonesome Road Blues (soundcheck)# 02 "dead air" 03 Sugar Hill 04 Bound To Go 05 Secret 06 Banjo Pickin' Girl 07 Little Bird Of Heaven 08 Old Mother Logo 09 Tempe 10 Darlin' Corie 11 Chilly Winds 12 Red Rockin' Chair 13 The Roscoe Stomp 14 Cold Rain And Snow 15 Ain't The Buying Kind 16 Good Day Sunshine Disc Two: Set Two (back porch) [53:00] 01 Intro 02 ?? (stopped, broken banjo string) 03 Lucky Day ^ 04 Sandy Boys 05 Cover My Tracks 06 Cotton Eyed Joe 07 Come See Me Sometime 08 Passenger Side 09 The Old Bar 10 Little Maggie Disc Three: Set Three (living room) [77:16] 01 Intro 02 Hop High 03 Old Wind Blowin' 04 Rainbow Sign 05 Glendale Train 06 You Ain't Going Nowhere 07 Daisy 08 Sittin' On Top Of The World 09 .44 Gun 10 Cherokee Shuffle Disc Four: Set Three (cont) [14:06] 01 Southland 02 Sugar Hill
  • dwr2006-08-23.flac16
  • Mark Burgin
  • Jason Mogi - clawhammer banjo, guitar, harmonica, vocals Kim Trenerry - guitar, electric bass, vocals Comments: # Jason played my sons toy guitar. Hillarious. ^ Kim and Ellie only Set Three is just mics (source #1) as it was unplugged in the living room. There is in some places a lot of time after some of the tracks due to the musicians working stuff out and chatting. I left the performance uncut for mere completeness. Disc Four can be thrown on the end of disc two for you audio cd folks. All of set two features Ellie Holzemer from Cross-Eyed Rosie on fiddle All of set three features Ellie Holzemer on fiddle from Cross-Eyed Rosie, Benny Galloway on bass and Anders Beck on dobro from The Wayword Sons. Thanks to band and all the special guests for lending their talents on this wonderful night! Support the artists and buy their official merchandise. Visit: #######Upcoming shows at The Sweet Spot: Crooked Jades from San Francisco, CA on 9/28/06 Earl Brothers from Oakland, CA on 10/14/06 PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT THIS CONCERT SERIES! Email me for details. Mark
  • Deadwood Revival Live at House concert at The Sweet Spot on 2006-08-23
  • Post-show matrix, see notes