• 1974-10-19
  • Set 1 Mississippi Half Step, Me & My Uncle, Friend Of The Devil, Beat It On Down The Line, It Must Have Been The Roses, El Paso, Loose Lucy, Black Throated Wind, Scarlet Begonias, To Lay Me Down, Mama Tried, Eyes Of The World-> China Doll, Big River Set 2 Phil & Ned*, Uncle John's Band, Big Railroad Blues, The Race is On, Tomorrow Is Forever, Mexicali Blues, Dire Wolf, Sugar Magnolia-> He's Gone-> Truckin'-> Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks) Jam-> Drums-> Truckin'-> Black Peter, Sunshine Daydream, E: One More Saturday Night, E: U.S. Blues
  • gd1974-10-19.sbd-pset1.bear.gems.stevesw.112791.flac16
  • GEMS
  • Jamie Waddell
  • Soundboard
  • ========== Note from original seed: Reel > cass Recorded by the Immortal Owsley Stanley This is a partial copy of BEAR's 10 19 74 reels. There are cuts and missing songs, but I am sure the community will enjoy the value of this share. You are downloading tape side A and tape side B, as transferred by Jim Blackwood in 24 bit 88.2 kHz and presented by Jamie Waddell. Absolutely Untouched. Much Love to You Know Who You Are and of course safe travels to BEAR as he begins his residency in the cosmos. May he alter his new home as much as his did his terrestrial one! a **GEMS** Production March 15 2011 ========== Processing for this seed: Dithered: Ozone 4 (MBIT+, High, 16, Normal) in Wavelab 6 to 16/44.1 --- The original source has dead areas between some tracks. I have left all between-song noodling in this source when the tracks flowed smoothly from one to the next. When there was a stretch of no-signal between tracks, and no interesting noodling, I omitted the between- track material (including the dead air), and faded the track before the dead air (leaving 5-10 seconds of crowd after that song ended). Other than this, I made no changes to the original source. The source turns out to be most of the first set from 10/19, and then the Good Lovin' from 10/20. I have left the filler from 10/20 as part of this seed because it was part of the original seed. Tracked in Wavelab 6 tape side A: 00:00-00:10 - [omitted] dead air, then static 00:10-03:41 - Beat It On Down The Line // (faded at end) 03:41-04:28 - [omitted] crowd, then dead air/noise 04:28-11:04 - It Must Have Been The Roses 11:04-12:47 - tuning 12:47-17:10 - El Paso // (faded at end) 17:10-17:55 - [omitted] crowd, then dead air/noise 17:55-22:48 - Loose Lucy 22:48-22:49 - [omitted] dead air 22:49-30:24 - Black Throated Wind // (abrupt transition) 30:24-43:43 - Scarlet Begonias 43:43-43:58 - [omitted] dead air tape side B: 00:00-00:10 - [omitted] dead air 00:10-08:22 - // To Lay Me Down (split at cut in tuning) 08:22-10:56 - Mama Tried (split at cut in tuning) 10:56-21:28 - Eyes Of The World // (abrupt transition) 21:28-21:29 - [omitted] dead air 21:29-25:29 - // China Doll (split at cut in tuning) 25:29-30:15 - Big River 30:15-30:16 - [omitted] dead air 30:16-42:12 - Good Lovin' [from 10/20/74] 42:12-42:23 - [omitted] dead air --- Flac'ed with flac.exe to Level 8 --- Steve Swartz, April 10 2011 ========== Contents of Seed: 74-10-19 Set 1: [MISSING] Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [MISSING] Me And My Uncle [MISSING] Friend Of The Devil gd74-10-19.sat01 Beat It On Down The Line gd74-10-19.sat02 It Must Have Been The Roses gd74-10-19.sat03 tuning gd74-10-19.sat04 El Paso gd74-10-19.sat05 Loose Lucy gd74-10-19.sat06 Black Throated Wind gd74-10-19.sat07 Scarlet Begonias gd74-10-19.sbt01 To Lay Me Down gd74-10-19.sbt02 Mama Tried gd74-10-19.sbt03 Eyes Of The World gd74-10-19.sbt04 China Doll gd74-10-19.sbt05 Big River Filler: gd74-10-20.sbt06 Good Lovin' (from 10/20) ==========
  • Grateful Dead Live at Winterland Arena on 1974-10-19
  • reel > cass recorded by Owsley Stanley
    cass > 24bit/88.2kHz by Blackwood/Waddell
    dithered/tracked by SteveSw