• 1984-10-06
  • Set 1 Hell In A Bucket, Dire Wolf, Cassidy, They Love Each Other, Minglewood Blues, Tennessee Jed, Looks Like Rain-> Don't Ease Me In Set 2 Scarlet Begonias-> Fire On The Mountain, Playin' In The Band-> China Doll-> Drums-> Throwing Stones-> Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad-> One More Saturday Night, E: Day Job
  • gd1984-10-06.aud.Holtz.Nak100s.112831.flac2496
  • 24 bit
  • Audience
  • Greg Holtz
  • MAC > Tascam 112MKII > Edirol UA-5 (24/96) > PC > WAV > Audacity (fades and tracking) > TLH > Flac Level 8 > 24/96
  • This source is derived from the same master tape as shnid 92383. That particular transfer involved me (in 1998) playing the master analog tape on an unknown Nakamichi tape deck into my little Sony D-3 DAT via the 1/8" analog line input. That DAT was then used to create shnid 92383 using patch material for most of the drums. See below notes. Well, it ends up that back in 1998 the playback deck I used for the MAC > DAT transfer was running a bit fast, which eventually resulted in a final product that sounded a bit sharp. This is a fresh transfer from the master analog tape, from the Tascam 112MKII straight into the Edirol UA-5 and into my PC at 24/96 resolution. The original master tape is 13 years older now, but it still sounds great. I am hoping that you all hear this as an improvement over 92383. I think it is. The 16/44 version is forthcoming. Greg Holtz - April 13, 2011 PS: As is noted on 92383: Tony and Mark took the mic stand in and staked out the spot DIRECTLY in front of the soundboard. There was nobody behind us but Dan Healey, and were were DEAD CENTER. Anyway, I finally got in, and we set up the gear. It was kind of a just-in-time moment, as the lights went down shortly after we got things all set up. .. As far as the recording goes, the only flub was entirely my fault. I was in a "susceptible" state of mind at the time, and a guy who patched out of our rig convinced me to not record the drums, and I was dumb enough to listen to him. This transfer is the master tape as-is, with no patches, and about 4 or 5 minutes of drums missing. C'est La Vie.
  • Grateful Dead Live at Richmond Coliseum on 1984-10-06
  • Tapers: Greg Holtz, Tony Bolton, and Mark Kotyuk. Source: Nakamichi CM100s w/CP-4 Shotgun Capsules > FOB -> D-6 > MAC;