• 2006-06-27
  • Disc One TRT: 62:18 Country Set 01. Straight To Hell 02. Thrown Out Of Every Bar 03. A Little Bit Of Smoke & A Whole Lotta Wine 04. Trashville 05. Pills I Took 06. Dick in Dixie 07. I Don't Know 08. Country Heroes 09. Devil's My Friend 10. Crazed Country Rebel 11. If You Don't Like Hank Williams 12. My Buckets Got A Hole In It 13. Cocaine Blues 14. Mississippi Mud 15. Hoedown 16. Not Everybody Likes Us 17. 18. 19. Nighttime Ramblin' Man Disc Two TRT: 54:07 Hellbilly Set 01. Don't Wanna Go Home 02. Prayin For A Heart Attack 03. Life Of Sin 04. White Trash Pt. 2 * 05. Hellbilly 06. - waiting for Assjack - Assjack Set 07. Trepanation 08. Cocaine 09. 10. Redneck Ride (Gotta Buy Paw A Truck) 11. Black Destiny 12. Cutthroat 13. Tennessee Driver 14. No Regrets 15. Choking Gesture 16. Rise To Die 17. Cops Shoot Drugs 18. We Take Pills 19. Eat and Kill
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  • Hank III
  • assjack
  • country
  • metal
  • NJB3 > USB > PC [WAV > FLAC5 + Verified]
  • Hank Williams III First Avenue Minneapolis, MN Tuesday June 27th 2006 Taper: empty (neveragain1980 at yahoo dot com) Location: Right FOB ~5ft, 12ft ^ Mic Config: DIN (cm, ยบ) Source: Studio Projects C4's > bm2p+ UA-5 > NJB3 (optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV) Conversion: NJB3 > USB > PC [WAV > FLAC5 + Verified] Edit: Vegas 6.0 minor levels boost (country set only) CD Wave tracking Size: 1.14GB (WAV) 712MB (FLAC) Please DO NOT sell this. If you must have mp3s for your ipod please DO NOT distribute and or circulate lossy formats of this recording. * 0:09-0:10 - split second drop out at the start of D2T4. Not sure where this came from, if you have any ideas I'm curious. Notes: Really great show, I'm happy I taped. Boosted the levels of the Country set a bit, left everything else alone. I ran my stand 12' when I usually stick with ~8-9. A huge thanks to Sheldon for always being down with taping and to the First Ave staff for permitting taping when the band allows. I was adjusting the levels on D2T7 to make sure the Assjack set didn't clip. Stumped on a few song titles, I did a quick reference of SxPxDxCx's Denver so thank you to him for taping & sharing. I appreciate everyone that helped out blocking my stand. Much respect to my friend Dean for the UA-5 (hopefully mine is done being sick) and the mic cables loan. If you get this on the Archive before I do please include ALL of the original files and please DO NOT edit any of them.
  • Live at First Avenue on 2006-06-27
  • Studio Projects C4's > bm2p+ UA-5 > NJB3 (optical @ 16bit 44.1kHz WAV)