• 1997-04-11
  • Disc 1 Set I: 1. tuning 2. Jokester 3. Two Step Au Will 4. Doin' My Time ^ 5. Mama Boulet 6. Baby Hold On ^ 7. Highway Song 8. //Zombie Jamboree Disc 2 Set II: 1. Ask The Fish 2. Tu N'as Pas Aller 3. Paint It Black -> 4. Down Near The Border 5. Flying Cloud Cotillion 6. 4:20 Polka 7. Shame And Scandal 8. Spirit 9. Rueben's Train* 10. Euphoria 11. Pasta On The Mountain Encore: 12. Rise Up - Wake And Bake [a capella audience participation]**
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  • Live concert
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  • What a fun April day! Leftover Salmon arrived in Tucson early that day. Vince and Mark spent the morning perusing the famous Spring 4th Avenue Street Fair then walked over to the KXCI studios for an interview during my music mix program. Mark, unfortunately, was pretty wiped out and spent the interview time sleeping on our couch, so I only talked with Vince. Once the interview completed, they needed a lift over to The Rock for the soundcheck - I happily obliged! At the venue, Vince invited me up on the spiffy new tour bus where, I did learn about the benefits of having a bucket of fried chicken on board during a Border Patrol search... Anyway, for the show itself, they had the standard soundboard patch laying there so I plugged in. The feed appeared to be from the analog output of the band's DAT recorder. There was only one other taper there and he was running a DAT off microphones, so aside from the band's recording, this is the only other soundboard source of this show. Unfortunately, during the first set there were a few moments whereby the signal completely cut out. During "Doin' My Time," there is a two-minute segment of silence that I edited out. I do not know if the band's DAT features the same drop-outs. Other than that, this is a nice sounding recording and it's a decent, albeit somewhat short, show. Percussionist Hani Naser sat in on the second set. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe he may have been in town for the Street Fair which always had some fun musical surprises (including Joe Craven playing with Sukay at their booth). Perhaps the show would have been longer had there only been one opening act - the microphones are turned off as the audience really gets the encore going. Local band Spacefish, then Magraw Gap opened. ENJOY! -John
  • Leftover Salmon Live at The Rock on 1997-04-11
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