• 2013-07-20
  • Tracklist: ----------- 01- intro 02- Black Spider I 03- Wake Up and Go Berserk 04- Black Spider II 05- 7:25 06- Untitled I 07- Black Spider III 08- Half Time 09- Terrific Speech I 10- I Do Have Weapons 11- Untitled II 12- Time and a Half 13- It Would Have Happened Anyway 14- Terrific Speech II 15- Untitled III / end 16- stuart speaks 17- CODY 18- Ex-Cowboy TRT: 01h:48m:35s
  • mogwai2013-07-20.dpa4061.flac16
  • 2013
  • MIF
  • manchester international festival
  • mogwai
  • zidane
  • Adobe Audition 5.5 > MBIT+ dithering (16/44.1) > CDWav 1.98 > TLH (FLAC 8)
  • Notes: A very special show indeed. The "Zidane" soundtrack has always been one of my favorite Mogwai albums and I wasn't going to miss the chance of seeing the band performing it live to the film for anything in the world. I've always loved the concept of the film, Zidane being probably my favorite football player ever, and the band's performance of the soundtrack went well above my original expectations. It was undoubtfully one of my favorite shows of all time, it was hard not to get emotionally overwhelmed by some of the most dramatic parts. This is also one of the best recordings I've ever made. With the addition of some of my special herbs in audition, I think this recording is in my Top 5 of all time. Mogwai got LOUD in some sections, and any distortion you may hear during the noisy parts comes from their pedals, not my setup. Big up to the Manchester International Festival and the band for putting this show together, the Albert Hall is a recently revived church style venue, which will soon be open for more events. It proved to be a perfect choice for the show, even if there were complaints the night before about the heat. Finally, all the "film ambience" parts are not split into individual tracks, instead, they're bookending each track. This is a must grab, whether you're a fan or a casual. Links: #Please pass the info file along as you distribute the show# -j.mart 2013/07/24
  • Mogwai Live at Albert Hall (Manchester International Festival '13) on 2013-07-20
  • DPA4061's > Church Audio ST-9100 > Sony PCM-D50 (Line In, WAV 24bit/48kHz)