• 2014-01-30
  • 01 Heard About You Last Night 02 Rano Pano 03 I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead 04 Blues Hour 05 Friend Of The Night 06 Deesh 07 Killing All The Flies 08 Master Card 09 How To Be A Werewolf 10 Auto Rock 11 The Lord Is Out Of Control 12 Remurdered 13 [encore] 14 White Noise 15 We're No Here
  • 24/96
  • CA-11 Omni's
  • amsterdam
  • instrumental
  • mogwai
  • paradiso
  • post-rock
  • Sony PCM-M10 (24/96) > Audacity [switch channels] > Har-Bal v2.3 Revision 3 [EQ & extra dBs] > Wavelab 6.10 build 340 [plugins: Magneto 1.5, D82 Sonic Maximizer and Waves L3 Ultramaximizer] > Audacity [fade in/fade out] > CD Wave Editor v1.98 > Trader's Little Helper > Mp3Tag > Flac [24bps/96kHz]
  • Contrast clause 1: This is the high quality stereo 24/96 version. The 16/44.1 version (to burn to audio CD's) can be found at: Contrast clause 2: Two other captures of this night have already been shared on Dime: - ianmacd: - renezand: This one is from another taper, from another location and with different equipment. Position: seated on first balcony, 3 seats left from centre Mics: OBOK Recorded by _tunic_ [] Mastered by Grigio Duration: 1h25m23s Line-up: Stuart Braithwaite - guitar, bass, vocals Dominic Aitchison - bass, guitar Barry Burns - keyboards, laptop, guitar, bass, vocals John Cummings - guitar, bass Martin Bulloch - drums Luke Sutherland – violin, guitar, percussion, vocals Links: Video: The entire set was filmed and shared on YT in fourteen pieces by the guy sitting next to me on my right. Thanks Wilfrid! Here's the first track: Pix: Reviews: Thanks to: - Mogwai for being taper friendly and allowing their shows to be shared on - Grigio for adding some of his magical mastering tricks to this recording. - The other tapers for their fine captures - Wilfrid for the videos and his friends for being so silent Please don't sell! Please don't share in lossy format! Please don't share without the original .txt file! If you want to remaster this, please let me know so that you can use the master recording! Support the band. Buy their albums, go see them live!
  • Mogwai Live at Paradiso on 2014-01-30
  • CA-11 Omni's > CA-9100 Preamp > Sony PCM-M10 (24/96)