• 2014-02-01
  • 01 [intro] 02 Heard About You Last Night 03 Friend Of The Night 04 Travel Is Dangerous 05 I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead 06 Take Me Somewhere Nice 07 Master Card 08 New Paths to Helicon pt2 09 Rano Pano 10 Ex-Cowboy 11 The Lord Is Out Of Control 12 White Noise 13 Remurdered 14 Mexican Grand Prix 15 [encore] 16 Deesh 17 New Paths to Helicon pt1 18 We're No Here
  • 24/96
  • AB
  • CA-11 Omni's
  • ancienne belgique
  • brussel
  • bruxelles
  • instrumental
  • mogwai
  • post-rock
  • Sony PCM-M10 (24/96) > Audacity [switch channels, declipper] > Har-Bal v2.3 Revision 3 [EQ & extra dBs] > Wavelab 6.10 build 340 [plugins: Magneto 1.5, D82 Sonic Maximizer and Waves L3 Ultramaximizer] > Audacity [fade in/fade out] > CD Wave Editor v1.98 > Trader's Little Helper > Mp3Tag > Flac [24bps/96kHz]
  • Contrast clause 1: This is the high quality stereo 24/96 version. The 16/44.1 version (to burn to audio CD's) can be found at: Contrast clause 2: An FM recording of this set was shared here: That one is incomplete though, and out of order. Position: 4 meters from left speaker stack Mics: clamped to chest Recorded by _tunic_ [] Mastered by Grigio Duration: 1h41m35s Line-up: Stuart Braithwaite - guitar, bass, vocals Dominic Aitchison - bass, guitar Barry Burns - keyboards, laptop, guitar, bass, vocals John Cummings - guitar, bass Martin Bulloch - drums Luke Sutherland – violin, guitar, percussion, vocals Links: Video: Pix: Reviews: Thanks to: - Mogwai for being taper friendly and allowing their shows to be shared on - Grigio for adding some of his magical mastering tricks to this recording. - Jozef for the last minute and half priced ticket! Notes: This was another one of those last minute decisions which I didn't regret at all (the previous one was Nils Frahm). While listening to my recording of Mogwai in Amsterdam on Saturday morning, I checked the site of the AB in Brussels where Mogwai was about to play two sold-out nights and saw a couple of tickets still being offered on the trading page. One of them even for half price! So I couldn't resist to take a chance, and it was still there. But not for long, and shortly later I realized I had to hurry to be able to be at the venue on time. Thank you Jozef for the ticket! Partly because of the stand-still traffic in the city centre of Brussels, I got there later than I hoped and missed the start of the support act Forest Swords. So it was not recorded. Having seen them in Amsterdam already, I didn't mind that much because with all the electronics on stage, it wasn't my type of music anyway. But I did like them better than two days before. Unfortunately I could no longer find my favourite taper spot, the previous times I was there (last time already one and a half year ago for Dirty Three) there was a wheelchair area underneath the left speaker stack, so I would stand behind it to limit the audience noise and chatter. But this time there was no such area. One more thing I had forgotten until 20 minutes into Mogwai's set: the AB has a very strict noise level standard. Even My Bloody Valentine had to apply to it when they played there, and they weren't pleased. Read more about that on On my recording the first twenty minutes were really loud, and there were some red peaks caused by loud drum kicks (but no distortion or anything). Starting with Take Me Somewhere Nice there was a significant drop in the volume, so my assumption is that they had to restrict the level. The volume difference was corrected by Grigio during the mastering. On some songs the mix sounded a bit strange, especially on Rano Pano and White Noise. But this must have been because of my location on the left side of the stage. On the FM recording the mix is perfect. The tracks that were broadcast can still be streamed on Apparently there were some more tracks broadcast scattered throughout the rest of that day. If anyone recorded those as well, please share them! And if you want to know why Stuart thanked Wouter for the beer, read/hear this: For the non-Dutch speakers: some group of friends made a special Triple beer and called it Mogwai, and offered a taste of it to the band before the show. But don't expect to find it in your local supermarket soon, only ten bottles were made as of yet. This show was almost ruined for me before it had even begun. As soon as the lights were turned down and the band entered the stage some douchebag in front of me lit up a cigarette. So somewhere halfway during Heard About You Last Night you can hear me asking him to stop it. Thankfully he did and soon after him and his friends left, so I was able to enjoy the rest of the show. And I did, much more than Amsterdam, even though they didn't play Mogwai Fear Satan again. They saved that one for the next day, which I did not attend. Apart from the guy shouting LOUDEEERRRRR!!!! at the start of every song, there's not that much audience annoyance throughout the rest of the set. This set was recorded with my eyes closed, and I encourage every one to try it out next time you go see Mogwai, or any other band for that matter. Close your eyes, turn of your phone, shut your mouth and enjoy the music! And when I opened my eyes again after the set had finished, I noticed a guy standing on the balcony above me, on the same distance from the left speaker stack as myself. He not only had a beard, he also had a recorder in his hand. If you read this, please share your capture too! It might have been a Sony PCM M-10 as well, so I'm curious how it would have turned out with the internal mics. As happy as I am with my CA-11's, I've never used the internals on mine yet. Please don't sell! Please don't share in lossy format! Please don't share without the original .txt file! If you want to remaster this, please let me know so that you can use the master recording! Support the band. Buy their albums, go see them live!
  • Mogwai Live at Ancienne Belgique (night #1) on 2014-02-01
  • CA-11 Omni's > CA-9100 Preamp > Sony PCM-M10 (24/96)