• 2007-08-04
  • 01.Cynical Girl 02.Dance Inside The Lightning 03.Stage Banter 04.Tell Me It's Okay 05.Fair To Even Odds 06.This Changes Everything 07.Stage Banter 08.Dusty Streets Of Cairo 09.Important Stage Banter 10.I'm Glad You Think So 11.Eyesight To The Blind 12.Blink of an Eye >Nick Of Time 13.Heart Frozen Up 14.Crazy In Heaven 15.Listen To Those Eyes 16.Who Can Say? 17.I'll Be Your Capo 18.Sugaree 19.Kick It Open 20.Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad
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  • "According to Moonalice legend, tribe members traditionally engaged in two forms of commerce. The nomads (known as bands) played music. The farmers (known as hippies) grew hemp for ropes and other purposes. Over the centuries, these trades served the tribe very well. However, in modern times the music industry withered and the government stamped out hemp farming. As a result, the modern Moonalice tribe pales by comparison to more prosperous groups of native Americans, such as those in Cleveland, Ohio, whose focus on baseball supports that tribe well. Moonalice’s visit to Wisconsin reinforced the band’s appreciation of the wiser choices made by other tribes native to the region. Consider, for example, the Ho Chunk Nation, whose casino provided the band with an afternoon of entertainment before this gig. Consider also Wisconsin’s own Winnebago tribe, whose high quality RVs continue to be highly prized. At least Moonalice still has its health. The weather on this day was nasty, but the rain stopped just before the band started and stayed away for the entire set. The highlights included Hardwood’s monumental solo on Tell Me It’s Okay, Jesus H’s on Kick It Open, and a killer jam – led by Jesus H. and Sir Sinjin Moonalice - in the transition from Blink of an Eye to Nick of Time."
  • Moonalice Live at Grateful Garcia Gathering on 2007-08-04
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