• 2009-06-06
  • ***DO NOT BUY OR SELL THIS RECORDING*** Moonalice 6-6-2009 Wakarusa Music Festival Mulberry Mountain, Ozark, AR Main Stage 12:00-1:30 pm Source: AKG 391's>Segue Dogstar XLR's>bm2p+mod UA-5>JB3 Transfer:JB3>PC>Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (fades, normalize)>CD Wave Editor>FLAC Frontend Location: FOB, DFC, Approx. 60 feet from stage, Mics DIN @ 10 Feet. Taped/Transferred by: Sam Stratton ( Setlist: Disc 1: 1. Steve Parish banter/intro 2. On the Road Again 3. Somebody to Love 4. Kick it Open 5. Moonalice Legend 6. Gwendolyn 7. Fattening Frogs for Snakes Disc 2: 1. Whiter Shade of Pale 2. Moonalice Legend 3. Tell Me It's Okay 4. Show Biz Kids 5. Erie Canal 6. Constellation Rag
  • moonalice2009-06-06
  • JB3>PC>Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (fades, normalize)>CD Wave Editor>FLAC Frontend
  • According to Moonalice legend, the tribe has a long history here in Ozark, Arkansas. The Moonalice hemp business in Ozark was small time until Ulysses S. Grant appointed Fort Smith’s famous Hanging Judge, Isaac Parker. The tribe had a mortal fear of hanging – it was incompatible with the consumption of herbal entertainment – but they liked the Judge. Hanging was good for the hemp business. The Hangin’ Judge was appointed in 1875 and he was a great customer. He sentenced 160 people to be hanged over twenty years. Best of all, he didn’t just buy rope. He bought the whole plant. Smoked like a chimney. Which may explain why only half the people he sentenced actually got hung. The rest just passed out from too much herbal fun. According to Moonalice legend, today is the 65th anniversary of D-Day. Talk about bravery. But do you know the Moonalice connection to D-Day? Neither do we. If you find one, let us know.
  • Moonalice Live at Wakarusa Music Festival, Mulberry Mountain, Main Stage on 2009-06-06
  • AKG 391's>Segue Dogstar XLR's>bm2p+mod UA-5>JB3