• 2010-04-20
  • Disc 1: 01. Big Steve's Looney Tunes 02. It's 4:20 Somewhere 03. Wish We Had 04. Down the Road Apiece 05. Love to Remake 06. Moonalice Legend 07. Gwendolyn > 08. Stella Blue > 09. Break Out In Handcuffs 10. Moonalice Legend 11. Mr. Spaceman 12. I Ain't Ever Satisfied 13. Blink of an Eye 14. Moonalice Legend 15. Daylight Disc 2: 01. Fair to Even Odds 02. Big Steve's 2nd Set Ramble 03. Six Days on the Road 04. Moonalice Legend 05. Crazy In Heaven 06. Man In Me 07. I'm Glad You Think So 08. American Dream Rag 09. Moonalice Legend 10. Turk Street > 11. Greenport Disc 3: 01. Foxtrot Uniform > 02. Kick It Open 03. Moonalice Legend 04. Tell Me It's Okay 05. On The Road Again 06. Poster Artist Introductions 07. Peggy-O 08. Nick of Time
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  • According to Moonalice legend, 420 is a really important number. 420 is also the number of characters in a Facebook status message. 420 is the length of 3 tweets. It used to be an area code in Wisconsin. It’s the country code for Czechoslovakia. It’s ten times as big as 42, which is the answer to life, the universe and everything . . . And best of all, 4/20 is today!!! According to Moonalice legend, the accepted explanation of the origin of 4:20 is that it originated at the Louis Pasteur statue at San Raphael High School in 1971. Some maintain that a search for hemp plants on Mount Tam figured in the story. The Moonalice Legend thrives on controversy, so we would like to create some. Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Lucky Moonalice imagined a number between 419 and 421. The rest is legend. According to Moonalice legend, President Abraham Lincoln wrote a letter during his presidency stating that one of his favorite things “sitting on [his] front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp." According to Moonalice legend, this is Sky Awareness Week. We want you to be aware that when you go outside and look up, the thing above you is the sky. The big round thing is the Moon. That’s where our tribe hails from. According to Moonalice legend, Howling Monkey is the official energizing elixer of the Moonalice tribe. Hemp is the official herbal entertainment of the tribe. Until now, there has been a gaping hole in the tribal supply cabinet: alcohol. That ends tonight. We are here to welcome our dear friend Howling Monkey Moonalice to share some good news!!! According to Moonalice legend, on this day in 1836 – 4/20/36 - Congress created the Wisconsin Territory. 150 years later, the 420 area code was assigned to Wisconsin. Coincidence? We think not! Live Videocast - #13 Baked goods - cupcakes Six posters plus 1st Moonalice hand screened limited edition
  • Moonalice Live at Slims on 2010-04-20
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