• 1997-10-17
  • 01. Take The Time To Turn Around (Umbrella) 02. A Sunshine Fix 03. Define A Transparent Dream 04. Jumping Fences 05. The Sylvan Screen 06. Green Typewriters 3 (Cathedral) 07. I'm Not Feeling Human 08. A Sleepy Company 09. (technical difficulties) 10. A Place We Have Been To 11. Mystery 12. California Demise 3 13. A Familiar Noise Called Train Director 14. Spring Succeeds 15. A New Day 16. Holiday Surprise 1, 2 & 3
  • otc1997-10-17.sbd.flac16
  • elephant 6
  • olivia tremor control
  • psychedelic
  • SHN --> CD-R --> WAV --> FLAC
  • Olivia Tremor Control Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA 10/17/97 *soundboard* This is a fantastistic bootleg, filled with highlights from Dusk at Cubist Castle and a number of early versions of the then-new Black Foliage songs. This is a stereo soundboard recording; although Pete's keys are a bit overbearing in the mix, Will is panned to the left and Bill to the right. There's a volume problem in tracks 1 and 2 and balance issues in 13, but after carefull listening I've come to the conclusion it was an effect of the instrument-swapping and reprisentative of the nature of Olivia Tremor Control's chaotic live shows. The drop-outs in tracks 14 and 15 were on the master and not from my rip. I did rejoin the incorrcetly splitted tracks, though. lineage: SBD --> ? --> SHN --> CD-R --> WAV --> FLAC uploaded by soniclovenoize NOTE: My only copy of this show, a CD-R burned from SHNs recieved in a trade in 2005, was horribly scratched. EAC could not get a good rip of it, although Windows Media Player could--I assume it ripped through the errors. But I will say there are *NO AUDIBLE ERRORS* on this rip. If you are OK with this, feel free to download and seed; if not, feel free to upload those orignal shns and trump me! :)
  • Olivia Tremor Control Live at Bottom of The Hill on 1997-10-17
  • SBD -> DAT