• 2002-06-14
  • The New Orleans Radiators 6/14/2002 Area 22 Newport, RI *HeatGen VIII - "Non-Acoustic"* Set 1 Disc 1 01 - Intro 02 - Sittin' On Top Of The World 03 - Good Things 04 - Death Of The Blues 05 - Meet Me Down In Birdland 06 - The Girl With The Golden Eyes 07 - It Ain't Me Babe 08 - Green Rocky Road 09 - Join The Circus 10 - Crystal Ship Set 1 Disc 2 01 - Mystery Train > Smokestack Lightning 02 - Nightmare On The Misery Train > Take Your Dead Ass Home Set 2 Disc 2 03 - Intro 04 - [Technical delay and banter] 05 - You Can't Do That 06 - Delia's Gone 07 - The Last Time 08 - Nobody's Fault But Mine > Crawling King Snake > 09 - City Of Refuge > Nobody's Fault But Mine Set 2 Disc 3 [Encore] 01 - Sunglasses On 02 - The Spider And The Fly > 03 - Soul Kitchen > Ling Ting Tong SBD > Patchbay > Sony M1 > Fostex CR200 > CDR > Toast (normalized) > flac Thanks to Dave Lowman for once again taking the time and effort to record the shows and process for the CDs! This was part of the 8th Annual Heat Generation Parties. The Call was unable to accommodate us so we went to the birthplace of Newport Slim, took over Area 22 and a couple of hotels and had ourselves a funky great time for three nights. Fish Heads came from near and far and helped make these shows what they turned out to be. This Club only had a wine and beer license. So anybody that wanted real drinks ran next door to Friends and would pound down their mixed drinks and shots then run back into Area 22. The owners of Friends were lovin' us that weekend. The band was in great spirits and pulled out some great tuna on this three night run... For example: Again the Rads were having a blast... Ya gotta love "Good Things", and the rarities like "It Ain't Me Babe", "Crystal Ship", "Mystery Train" into "Smokestack Lightning" and a great "Delia's Gone"! At the time of the encore Zeke says "We don't wanna waste any time tonight... we wanna..., we wanna PLAY, so this is the encore!" That sez it all!! THIS IS THE SECOND OF A THREE SHOW RUN FROM HEATGEN VIII IN NEWPORT, RI
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  • DAT > CDR > Toast (normalized) > flac
  • Radiators Live at Area 22 - *HeatGen VIII - "Non-Acoustic"* on 2002-06-14
  • SBD > Patchbay > Sony M1 > Fostex CR200