• 2002-09-01
  • The New Orleans Radiators Slimfest II - The Happening Rockville, RI 2002-09-01 sbd > Sony M1 > DAT > Fostex CR200 > CDR CDR > xACT > FLAC8 Disc 1 Set 1- 01. introduction 02. Hardcore 03. I Pity The Fool 04. My Sweet Nightbird 05. 19th Nervous Breakdown 06. She's 19 Years Old 07. Fountains Of Neptune 08. Looped (Georgia Pine) 09. Between Two Fires 10. Solitary Man Disc2 01. Alimony-> 02. In The Summertime 03. Train Kept A Rollin' Set 2- 04. intro 05. Fall Of Dark 06. Green Rocky Road 07. You Rascal You 08. Everybody Ought To Make A Change 09. Waiting For The Rain 10. Spider And The Fly->WPLJ* 11. Burning Love->Love Trouble->Burning Love** Disc 3 01. One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer-> 02. Keep On Poppin That Shine Encore- 03. Railroad Bill 04. Hang On Sloopy 05. Out On The Western Plains *Newport Slim on bass **Newport Slim on bass and Jim Walsh on drums recorded by David Lowman ------------------------------------------------------------- My Notes: We helped get the Radiators booked at the Rhythm and Roots in Charlestown, RI on 2002-08-31 and we tried to get another gig for the Rads in the area but contracts and all don't allow for public shows. Knowing that I had Zeke Fishhead booked for a Solo Gig at the Rain Desert in Danielson, CT for 2002-08-30, we also had to fill in the Sunday of this holiday weekend. The Zeke show also known as "Zeke SoHi" (instead of Zeke Solo) is in the torrent world and worth grabbing. But I digest, so to make it a profitable trip for our favorite band, we had planned the second Slim Fest aka "The Happening in Rockville" aka "Slim Fest 2002" aka "Slim Fest II". This required build a stage 24x36 attached to our front porch and covering it with a huge rented two center pole tent. We also brought in a big FOH PA and lights along with a monitor board, just like a real Rock and Roll show. We had our son and his friends help to park the cars in the front field, hired security to run interference (always needed with a production like this) and got volunteers to take turns flipping burgers and dogs and had ourselves a genuine Rhode Island Swamp Yankee Partay with the Radiators and "Fishhead Music" as the soundtrack. ...people came from near and far to be at this set of gigs and it once again turned into a huge Fishhead Reunion of sorts. And of course, the Radiators did not let us down. They broke out the fun stuff and kept us all dancing and singing along. A great Labor Day Weekend... which now is a like a Memorial Day Weekend for all! So here it is, captured so we can all re-live that day... or stream it here and see what it was all about!
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