• 2005-09-11
  • [tunin', Jon Hart Introduces the band] You Ain't Goin' Nowhere ¹ Something You Got Confidential Brickyard Blues I Got to Find Somebody ²♪ My Babe ³♪ Maggie's Farm ª♪☻ » Big River ♪☻ Last Fair Deal Gone Down ♪ Mama Tried ♪☻ - Set Two/Disk Two [85:35] - [tunin'] Whole Lotta Love (tease, Camile singin') Solitary Man Come On (Part 1) You Won't Miss What You Can't Measure St. James Infirmary » Pass Out The Cutting Devices » Born To Be Wild (verse) » Keep on Poppin' that Shine On Broadway The Word † » Talk Talk (chorus) Black is Black Iko Iko - Encore - [Ed teases] ‡ Sympathy for the Devil Gloria » Uptight (Everything's Alright) » Gloria
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  • The Weema Woppas AKA the New Orleans Radiators - the Performers - Camile Baudoin: guitar, vox; Frank Bua: drums; Dave Malone: guitar, vox, percussion; Reggie Scanlan: bass; Ed Volker: keyboards, vox; - with special guest - Bob Weir: ♪ guitar, ☻ lead vocals. Big thanks to Kenny Samuels for the great sound mix! ¹ there's about 1 sec of static 50 sec into the track ² false start while Weir plugs in; some intermittant static at ~1:30 and later - sounds to me like it's coming from Camile or Bob's guitar. ³ more intermittant static, particularly at ~4:13 and ~6:13 ª more static, at ~2:23 and elsewhere † The Word is performed over a weird riff ... definitely not the usual arrangement. ‡ Ed begins a tune, singing, "If time was a river..." then trails off and talks about an encore request for "harcore sympathy", then waiting then Ed & Frankie play something for a minute before Ed stops. Camile says "What was that?" and Ed replies "name that tune" Quotes of the night: "Sometimes you just gotta do easy listening. No really. ... Maybe not." - Camile, after 'On Broadway' "You don't wanna start that one 'cuz you can't get out of it." - Ed, after the 'Talk Talk' chorus. "Feel free to flash back" - Dave, at the start of 'Black is Black' "The '60s were a great year" - Dave, at the start of 'Iko' "Goodnight, the Weema Woppas love you!" - Dave, at the end of the night. "We hope all you little Weemas have been Wopped!" - Ed, after Dave.
  • Radiators Live at Sweetwater Saloon on 2005-09-11
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