• 2005-12-15
  • Disc 1 01) Harvest Time 02) I've Been Seeking 03) If It Wasn't for the Money 04) Ride Together 05) Little Hood 06) No Reason* 07) Precious Stone 08) Ocean View > 09) Kali-Yuga > 10) These Two Chairs Disc 2 (set II) 01) Franz Hanzerbeak 02) The Garden (Part I) 03) The Garden (Part II) 04) The Garden (Part III) 05) Can't Get High 06) Biscuits 07) Georgie P > 08) Wet Spot > 09) 5000 Acres > 10) Wet Spot > 11) Incandescent Devil Disc 3 (set II cont.) 01) For Every Lonely Lady 02) Tequila > 03) Silent Night > 04) Tequila** (encore) 05) Professor's Blues > 06) Planet of Green Love > 07) Deep River > 08) Planet of Green Love > 09) I'm Waiting for the Man*** > 10) Planet of Green Love
  • tlg2005-12-15.onstage.flac16
  • Live concert
  • Audacity > Samplitude 7.2 (16/44.1) > CDWave > FLAC Frontend (level 6) > flac
  • * first time played ** w/ Silent Night jam *** Velvet Underground cover Recording gear used: Stage mic: Crown SASS P Mk 2 stereo condenser PZM (pressure zone microphone). House mics: Crown CM-700 cardioid condensers, one each on the PA mains. Recording notes: The stage mic was placed in front of Josh's vocal mic stand, at the stage lip, centered on the drum kit. The PA mics were attached to booms clamped onto the lifting handles on each speaker. Post recording notes: Set 1: Each stereo track, one from the SASS and one from the cardiods, was saved as a stereo windows media file after all 4 original tracks (recorded in Broadcast PCM wav) were mixed as to relevant levels in Audacity. The resulting tracks were loaded into Samplitude 7.2 where more work was done on them in the 4-track environment. Some low & mid bass frequency EQ was added, and further mixing among the tracks as to levels was done, all in the 24-bit word length. After all operation, including tracking & fading were done, the files were dithered and downsampled to 16/44.1, shntooled for SBEs and header stripping and converted to flac. Each disc was shntooled separately. FOH sound: Steven Fabing, Bay Recorders Organization (
  • Tea Leaf Green Live at Moe's Alley Blues Club on 2005-12-15
  • (On Stage) Crown SASS P-MK2 PZM + (FOH) Crown CM-700MP's > Shure FP42 > Sound Devices 744t @ 24/48