• 2006-04-08
  • Disc 1 01) Doing It Over Again 02) Can't Get High 03) Earth and Sky 04) Flippin' the Bird 05) For Every Lonely Lady 06) Forgivin' 07) Greta Ties Up Horses 08) I'm Not Fit 09) Make A Connection 10) I've Been Seeking 11) John Brown 12) Las Vegas 13) My Bastard Brother 14) No Blanket 15) I Believe Disc 2 (set II) 01) 7th Story 02) Rapture 03) Slip Away* 04) Hanging from a Tree* 05) Little America* 06) Dreaming Without Sleeping* 07) Cops Took My Weed* 08) I Got No Friends in Arizona 09) Carter Hotel 10) Farms Been Sold 11) Strange Ode To Nature 12) All Of Your Cigarettes 13) Deep River (encore) 14) Gambler**
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  • Live concert
  • Audacity > Wavelab 5 (16/44.1 w/UV22 HR) > CDWave > FLAC Frontend (level 6) > flac
  • Acoustic show * w/ Sean Leahy on guitar ** Kenny Rogers cover, w/Sean Leahy on guitar Alternate source for first part of d1t01, 'Doing It Over Again': Earthworks SR77's > Sound Devices 722, Recorded by R.J. Recording gear used Stage mic: Crown SASS P Mk 2 stereo condenser PZM (pressure zone microphone). PA mics: 4 Crown CM-700s, 2 each per PA main. One to the mid/upper frequency speaker, one to the low frequency speaker on each side of the stage. Mixer: Shure FP 42. Recording device: Sound Devices 744T 4-channel hard disc recorder Recording resolution: 24/48 The SASS mic ran through the pre-amped inputs, the 4 CM 700s ran through the Shure mixer, the left cahannel and right channel mics were blended for each channel, then output as 2 channels to the line-inputs. The files were recorded in BPCM wavs. Transfer: Copied & pasted to desktop PC, opened in Audacity, mixed and saved as a 2-channel 24-bit file All recording and post recording to this point done by: Bob Cogswell Sound engineer: Steve Fabing. Final post-recording edits by: Graham Munda.
  • Tea Leaf Green Live at Noe Valley Ministry on 2006-04-08
  • (On Stage) Crown SASS P-MK2 PZM + (FOH) Four (4) Crown CM-700MP's > Shure FP42 > Sound Devices 744t @ 24/48