• 2007-05-19
  • The Fillmore Poster Room Trevor Solo: San Francisco, CA May 19, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set I: Trevor Solo 01. Darkened Hall 02. Gretta Ties Up Horses 03. Cops Took My Weed 04. Fare You Well 05. Farms Been Sold 06. Motorcycle 07. Back When The Age Was Young 08. Ignoring The Oracle 09. Emma Lee 10. Forgiven 11. Just Like Heaven > Dont Let It Down Set II: with Sean & Scotty 01. Caged Canary 02. Truck 03. Love Reveals 04. Ships 05. Texas Set III: with Sean & Scotty 01. Middle Son 02. One True Love 03. We All Died 04. Drink of Streams 05. Dreaming without Sleeping 06. 3 Dollars
  • tlg2007-05-19.flac
  • Mics: Crown SASS P Mk 2 stereo condenser PZM onstage, Crown CM-700 cardioid condenser PA. Mic preamp (CM 700s only): Sound Devices MicPre. Recorder: Sound Devices 744T All post recording editing: Samplitude 7.2 except sbe correction & flac compression done with Trader's Little Helper. *There was only one channel of audio from the very small mixer provided by the venue for that room, so there are no PA mics at all, and one PA feed from the sbd split to both channels in editing. The Crown SASS was used as per usual. *At the end of the 1st set, Trevors vocal just fades away. The reason for this is that the guy on the sbd turned his mic, etc off! There was apparantly some arangement the sound guy had with the house to let him know when the main event was about to start, and he must have gotten the heads-up because he gave no warning to Trevor, just brought the PA down to zero as the song was ending. It only goes on for a minute or so after that w/o Trevor's vocal being audible except deep in the background.
  • Tea Leaf Green Live at The Fillmore on 2007-05-19